Riding Safely in NC Mtns

  • Wearing protective gear while out on your bike is the first and most important step you can take to insulating yourself (and your skin) from pavement, rock, cliff faces, and mean mountains in general.
  • Wear bright colors – especially at night. There is an appeal to the sleek black look, but outer vests made of the fluorescent stuff combined with reflective striping can go a long way to making you visible on the road.
  • Optimal lane position depends on what kind of curve you’re taking and the hill you’re approaching. The best way to learn is by taking a rider course near you. By being in the middle of the lane you’re creating a safety margin. If you find yourself facing a car that has gone into your lane, you’ll still have the rest of the road to your right to perform evasive maneuvers.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with an area, slow down. Take your time because no one is impressed with the person that wrecks due to his or her negligence of the surrounding area. Besides, you have to slow down to see the amazing natural beauty the mountains have to offer.
  • A lot of the curves in the area are “blind” – you don’t really have a lot of lead-time to assess what’s coming at you around a curve.  Slower speeds give you the advantage when it comes to split-second decisions. Learning and practicing evasive maneuvers with a local motorcycle rider course can help.
  • This sign is funny, but it also carries a serious message. This sign warns you that the curve ahead will get tighter as you ride through it.  So think of “descending radius curve guy” as a warning not to take things too fast or you may find yourself in the same funny pose!

There is plenty of space for motorcycle touring groups at the Diamondback Motorcycle Lodge.  The Switzerland Inn is the ideal location for a casual, fun and friendly NC mountain getaway.