Need to relax after that long bike ride?

The Switzerland Inn, located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, is pleased to announce the opening of the Spa at Switzerland Inn. We are now offering the following services:

Switzerland Inn Signature Massage

Our Switzerland Inn Signature Massage is a full body massage that caters specifically to our guests needs. Whether you are interested in a Swedish style massage or a deep tissue massage, our trained specialists will treat your body based on your specific needs.

midweek rates: 60 minutes/$100   90 minutes/$130

weekend rates: 60 minutes/$120   90 minutes/$150

Diamondback Moto Massage

Our Diamondback MotoMassage caters to those motorcycle, sports-car, and cycle enthusiasts. For those who need to target specific areas this is your massage. Let our trained specialists release the Diamondback venom from your muscles.

midweek rates: 60 minutes/$100   90 minutes/$130

weekend rates: 90 minutes/$120   90 minutes/$150

Massages must be booked a week in advance/they may be available upon short notice depending on our therapists schedule.